Design Thinking

Design is based on the three factors of the design triangle to bring the best possible solution to the market for your clients. We support you in mastering and managing these three factors:

  1. What does your client need?
  2. What is your advantage or the advantage for your brand in the market, respectively?
  3. How do you improve your implementation skills?

When the three factors are combined, an effective value proposition is established: Strong and meaningful values ​​for the client, benefits for the organization, the employees and other stakeholders. As an additional benefit, design strengthens the motivation of your employees who appreciate valuable activities for clients and the environment.

Design Triangle

Product and Service Development

Understanding client benefits, identification of innovation and improvement requirements, validation of prototypes, implementation

Customer Journey

Optimization of a client process, alignment of process steps, creation of an end-to-end client experience originating from the company brand

Ethnographical Research and Storytelling

Understanding of client behaviour and client needs through surveys, panels, jointly validated prototyping; evaluation by high-quality storytelling


Creation of value propositions for clients; refinement of prototypes, use of personas, «black horses»; innovative questioning technique

Business Model Innovation

Disruptive questioning techniques, transfer of best-practices from multiple industries, field research

Collaborative Platforms

Development of offline labs or online platforms to use customer and stakeholder knowledge or creativity, respectively

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Key Performance Indicator definition and validation through a mixed quantitative and qualitative approach, use of the Net Promoter Score method