Future Fit Business

We lead organizations to competitive advantage by applying an innovative future fit business case validation.

Using the framework will fundamentally change the way you do business through accelerated innovation and based on solid financial, social and ecological drivers – leading to inspiring products and services, which will grow the value of your organization faster than your competitor's.

The framework consists of science-based indicators which you and your organization will easily understand from the outset.

Studies and practical experience prove that such approaches create measurable business benefits such as higher productivity, shorter innovation cycles, more robust supply chains and – most important – a trustful and rewarding long-term relationship with your clients and your employees.

Future Fit Quick Check (products) Future Fit Quick Check (services)

Awareness and Initial Assessment

Assessment of your organization, related to future fit goals: Introductory workshop, decision on initial improvement steps

Strategy Development

Strategy on company or department level; specifies principles and action plans for future fitness based on tailored definition of success

Future Fit Business Case Validation

Strategic validation of products, investments and project deliverables in three stages: value proposition, future fit check, business case potential


Implementation of an integrated monitoring system with surveys of financial, social and ecological key performance indicators

Industrial Design

Assessment of products and associated design process to make them fit for the market and the future

Service Design

Assessement of services and design process to make them fit for both market and future

Procurement and Supply Chain

Validation of supply chains against future fit goals, based on proven methods and tools


Strategic and operational support of internal and external communication covering future fit messages

Pilot Projects

Management of future fit related pilot and comprehensive projects based on dedicated progress criteria

Innovation Lab

Proven open innovation approach including suppliers and clients in specific areas, leading to validated value propositions for end clients