The Future Fit Business Case

UN building with Sustainability Development Goals as front

Does the Future Fit Business Case create significant value for the client?
Does it respect society and environment?
Is it profitable?

Validate the future fitness of your product, service or investment target in a structured way - adding value to your decision making process through an independent third party review. You will get:

  • Comparable and reliable metrics based on proven science based frameworks
  • Gradings for three success levels of the business case plus an UN SDG achievement grading
  • Experts recommendations
  • Fast and cost-effective approach by SANTIS team

What others say:

  • The Business Case Validator is a strong business development tool (Swisscom)
  • The Business Case Validator is holistic, straightforward and actionable (AdvantiKA)
  • We have no doubt that the team of the Future Business Case Validator will continue to make significant inroads as globally we seek more definitive sustainability benchmarking for investment, credit and other decisions in our daily business (J.P. Morgan)

In two UN Global Compact events hosted by J.P. Morgan SANTIS is launching the Future Fit Business Case Validator.